By memory

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       Even if one day I was tired, also want to try to smile, extend not broad arms, embrace the  world, listening to it, I still love you.
       Memory edge disappeared, and the time of com., gray covered the whole world, you completely indifferent, perhaps, the last blank.
       At that time, we are holding hands, walking in the absence of objective path, the whole world is a flower spits fragrance, only the last, but we see each other missing.
       I know that one day, I will forget you, even I am so and unable to part from.
       In the front of the vast universe, our emotion is so not worth mentioning.
       A sunny or cloudy.
       The next storm, bitter cry again.
       Maybe you are not in my world, you simply do not exist in my world.
       Many things are doomed to go through, and then leave the deep impression.
       When I think of you,
       Time is still,
       Day not so blue,
       The heart is not so empty,
       You look very fuzzy,
       Feeling is very clear.
       I have a dream that one day,
       I can accompany in your side,
       To see you every moment,
       So when you walk away I still have memories,
       Will not feel so lonely and sad.
       We all can not go back to the last paragraph.
       Most of the time I was an angry child,
       I know no more than anyone,
       I don't have you so good.
       Don't I have any expectations.
       Don't find me to worry about me.
       Not to the past and unable to part from.
       No one is willing to give up a good thing.
       But the reality is so real.
       I think I am tired now.
       No more waiting or believe.