Aftter School

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    The same time,the same street,at the end of which stands the same school,which I passed my first nine years of study. I’m walking with some kids waring bags as I do.Will they think I’m one of their classmates?Though I am a little older than they are,but I’m not too old tostudy there if I would like.
    Well,I’m just getting home after a week’s study in my college.I was them five years ago,six years ago,seven years ago,eight years ago,nine years ago,ten years ago,eleven years ago, twelve years ago,or even thirteen years ago.but four years ago,Ientered another middle school,and last year,I enter the college.
    It is the finishing hour,kids go out of school one after one,as ducks walk out of ther is the same.someone shouts at the other side for their appiontment that I used to do in the same accent.
    It was the same autumn, the same wind,the same tree,the same stores.I was walking with my mates,then,we standed in a long queue,for a kind granny’s cooking.But all of them have been to other places.
    I remenber some days ago,I was on the bus,there was someone looked not too strange,talking about the course I knowed and some teachers had at once tought me.Very excited,I wanted to interupt them,but will they accept me?What will they think of me?Then I prefered talking to myself rather than them.Was there anyone listening to us I Was talking like them ?Will they listen to their yonger generations as I did?
    Another wind blessed,moves the cloud and the leafs.some smoke went out,with the forminea smell.Ithink I was walking on my way back to my memery.I went to this school from home,enter college frome here,and I will enter sociaty from college.( 文章阅读网 )